New version 5.3.5

The version 5.3.5 is available to download, with various improvements in the dBase:

* By default, the contents of the Log appear sorted by date (in previous versions the content appears on the order of creation and to sort by dates you must click on the appropriate section of the title bar).

* In general listings that includes Logger data, the latter are printed ordered by date.

* Fixed a bug on the windows of results of searches on Logs and eDir fields where clicking in the title bar, the corresponding columns does not appear correctly ordered according to its content.

* The user interface has been improved, thereby eliminating the buttons to widening/narrowing the main windows of dBase (upper row). It is now possible to widen and strengthen these windows individually dragging their vertical edges with the mouse. At the same time, it is possible to width/marrow jointly these windows by dragging the bottom and right edges of the root window (first left on the top row). This new option, along with redistributing the bottom by dragging the edges of the Log window, allows that all the main window of the dBase can be configured according to the user preferences.

By cliquing successively with the mouse on the auxiliary windows of Links, it is possible to widen/narrow individually these windows. In the upper windows can be achieved the same effect by successively clicking in auxiliary window of the root, although in the latter case, the change affects all upper windows.

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