New version 5.7.0

It is available for download the version 5.7.0 of OrganiZator.  Recall that in you can get a detail on how to upgrade from a previous version.

In addition to being a thorough review of bugs and inconsistencies, this version adds new options, so we recommend the update to users of earlier versions. Among other improvements and fixes, this release include the following:

* The history of recent selections of Links (Source, Target and Type) have been expanded from the earlier 10 to 20 selections.

* The historic with the last-visited items, used in the options of undo; redo, and direct-jumping, has been expanded from the earlier 20 to 30 positions.

* Have been added two new buttons in the toolbar of dBase; Previous and Next Group. Along with the two buttons placed in the earlier version (Previous and Next item in the current group) make now possible to browse the item index without the need to return to the main view when in the view of Extended Data.

* It has improved the performance of the dBase interface.

* Has been added the possibility of checking and spell correction of the Memo/Note fields, on the basis of an external dictionary -Open Office style-. The installation program includes two dictionaries -English and Spanish languages- and has selected the appropriate language, but this selection can be changed by the user, or can use any other language dictionaries (see the manual on the matter –DataBase -> Note/Memo fields-).

* This release includes the version 5.2.0 of dBase, but it is backward compatible with earlier versions, in the sense that if there is not the field added in this version -to keep the path of the external dictionary-, it is created quietly, so that we can say that updates the version of the dBase that already has the user.

* In the options to create/modify items in dBase, the buttons [Date], [now] and [Now ss], allow to include the data in any position of the title (into the current cursor position) without the loss of the previous content of the field.

* In many points of the application has been improved the system for detecting errors and the message provided in such situations.

* In the accounting utilities of dBase, has been added the ability of calculating the accumulated Credit and Debit of a group -account- and a hierarchy, in two versions: for the whole period and between a couple of dates.

* Improvements have been made in many of the processes of introducing dates. Now the last date used are always remembered, so the processes of introducing repetitive dates, as in accounting, has been eased.

* In dBase and Agenda has been included a small window (to the left of the bottom line of status) with an indication of the access level permitted in the area. In addition, the indication that already existed in the main window is updated properly when changing the work area of the initial (main) zone.

* Explanatory tooltips have been added to lower windows of the main zone.

* Now the process of erasing added users, allows to view and clear the ones of external areas (assuming the user has an appropriate level of access).  At the same time, correcting an error for which the users who were shown in the menu, where always the ones of the local area, although it might be actually erase the ones of a remote area (the area connected at that moment in the main-zone).

* Improvements have been made in the dialog-boxes of Connection with external areas; Run commands, and Send messages. Has been included a contextual menu and a menu bar.

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