New version 5.6.2

It is available for download the version 5.6.2

* It corrects an error that could potentially hide data when moving items from one group to another group of dBase, and the target depends on the source (the target group is a descendant of the source). Such movements creates a logical inconsistency that deal in the disappearance from the user interface of the moved group and all its descendants, thus becoming inaccessible (tantamount to try graft a branch of a tree in anyplace of itself -the cut of the branch for graft make it disappears from the tree, and then can not be accessed from any point of the original the tree or from any other-). The new version includes a control that warns about the inconsistency and does not allow the movement.

* The new version also includes the possibility that, when making numerical/date calculations in dBase, the values used can be in any position within the item itself (in previous versions these calculations always refer to the values at the beginning of the title) . To this, has been included the possibility of selecting the hypothetical column within the item containing the data to consider, as well as define the character or characters (up to five different) we assume that act as column’s separators in the title.

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